The Ultimate Oreo Cheesecake Life-hack

Hi Friends! I love Oreos..and cheesecake. Why not mix the two? The recipe below is the most similar to the one that was made for this post. The only difference is that instead of jello, we had crushed Oreos as the based instead. I also love how the pineapple chunks that are incorporated with this […]

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One-Piece Summer Craze!

As a summer baby, I thought I might share a few glamorous tips on how you can dress up/down this summer with versatile one-pieces! Now, you might be reading this post thinking: what’s so great about a one-piece?  Well, let me talk you through it. A one-piece (aka jumpsuits) is a great way to enhance your fashion identity and discover styles suitable for your shape. They’re both cute and light in material – plus you don’t have to go through the hassle of putting an outfit together as it’s already done for you! At this stage, it’s all about the accessorizing and how to make more your outfit.

Here’s two of my personal favorites: 

What I  particularly LOVE about this outfit is that it cost next to nothing and it’s down right gorge! It’s both practical and subtle in a sense that the dark print & design allows you to wear it for slightly less sunnier days ahead. The one-piece was from Primark’s summer collection 2014 (I know you wouldn’t think it was from there right!) Now with the sandals, I bought these bad boys from a local clothes shop in London as I’m all about supporting small businesses. So you can probably tell that I’ve decided to go for the Greek look as I find them super cute on most women and it’s easy to dress with. The accessories including the necklace and earrings was from Republic. The light-pink jacket was from Gillingham market, Kent as I’m a strong believer in supporting small businesses.

This second outfit I pieced together was inspired by Nothing Hill Carnival theme. I love the energy and flashy outfits the event brings every year. The exaggerated stripes and block colours reminds me of how Caribbean ladies dress (If you know, you know). This style works for any live events/festivals you might want to attend this summer. The entire outfit including snazzy accessories were all bought from an indoor market in South London, Croydon. It sounds hard to believe but you can find the best clothing and items in your everyday markets as they tend to have a different outlook to what’s trending in the fashion world. So the next time you pass a market, be sure to go exploring!

If you felt inspired and would like to know more fun tips on how you can dress for cheap or just experiment with one-pieces, be sure to check out! They have loads of women clothing that caters for every occasion. From sexy lingerie to beach wear !

What’s Up TV- The Best Bits

As we get older, we tend to look back and reflect on our past experiences and journeys we’ve taken to get where we are now (or at least I do anyway!)

I’ve been on shoot after shoot, meeting incredible people along the way whilst living on all my social media pages all thanks to What’s Up TV! They’re funded by the MAMA Youth Project (@MAMAYouth) Their mission is to bring out the best out in every young person trying to get their foot in the door.

What’s Up TV (@WhatsUpTV)  is an amazing UK television show that is breaking down the negative image and stereotyping of youth culture in the UK. They tackle a wide-range of events, festivals and some never-before-seen art performances. Their aim. Simple. To entertain as well as inspire young people of all ages to get involved in media!

Best thing about producing new video content for each season, we never know what’s about to be thrown at us. But with the right people on board, they help make every new season current and fresh. The bulk of the production team is between 18 and 25 years old and are all personally involved in youth culture including social issues. We produce six 30 minute episodes over a 12 week period from a blank sheet of paper. This, to most TV professionals would seem an impossible task, especially with the limited resources and budget, but we always deliver on time to the high standards and quality of Sky 1 demand.


What’s Up TV is back on our screens. It airs on SkyOne at 12.30pm. Click here for more information, make sure to check out their website!

Stella McCartney’s Collection 2016

The ever-so-stylish fashion designer, Stella McCartney has out done herself once more by perfectly executing the simple- yet-sophisticated fashion collection on this year’s runway! What I truly appreciate about Stella, not only as a designer, but as a woman is that her inspiration to creating the majority of her pieces displays elements of her personal memorabilia. Take for example her decision converting to a Vegetarian. Her love and respect for animals, means she refuses to use fur or leather in any of her work.

Her inspiration for this year’s Pre-fall collection is her love of cats, inspired by The Battersea Home Of Cats and  Dogs. As a cat-lover myself, it’s great knowing I can jazz up my wardrobe with insanely cute kittens without a care in the world! Another flawless design as part of her Winter collection is her unique interpretation on the classic puffer coats. It’s both versatile and practical for woman of all ages -perfect for undecided climate change countries also known as ‘British Weather’. As a South-Londoner,  puffer coats tend to have negative connotation floating around it, referring to the ‘troubled youth’ but Stella has made this look resemble a trench-coat with an attachment of a slimming black waist-belt, making this piece absolutely stunning!



Sneaker-head Craze!

Every girl needs one pair of sneakers – at least ONE pair Everyone is wearing them and they come in all shapes and different colors. Even the big fashion bloggers are wearing sneakers and you should too, if you have not already gotten a pair. Here is a little inspiration on some of the sneakers […]

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My Royal Ascot Experience

20160614_122217[1]From a young age, I’ve always been addicted to horse-racing! My dad would make a day of it! He’ll make a quick trip down to our local fish and chip shop, before handing us the betting book where my siblings and I would use our pennies to bet on a horse that could win it this year (Little did I know that no year was my year as you’ll soon find out). 
As soon as the Grand Nationals starts to kick about, I’m already visualizing potential outfits that I could be wearing to strut along the race tracks. As a full-time girly girl, it’s safe to say the posh attire is probably one of the main reasons for keeping up the horse statistics and odds. In terms of making bets, that’s only half the fun in my opinion. I managed to lose a bet on every horse race that day- only because I’ve been cursed with having the worse luck in my family! But I still got through the day with a smile.
But anyway back to the dressing up part- I think as well where I’m a huge fan of fancy dress, this particular events fits me like a glove as it’s the one day of the year where you can live out your alter ego and not think twice about it. The air is polluted with nothing but snobbery and riches and you can’t help but to embrace it with such passion!
All and all, with all the amazement Ascot brings, I’ve decided to make it an annual trip and I strongly recommend you tag along to next year’s festivities with your nearest and dearest.

Queen Bey’s homemade Lemonade anyone?

Queen Bey is stronger than ever after releasing her visual Album, ‘Lemonade’ last Saturday 23rd April on HBO. The-12 track album features home videos of bey’s childhood; few cameos such as: Serena Williams and kid star, Quvenzhané Wallis. It also included variations of scenes embracing her black roots with added hidden facts about her husband.

Just listening to the first few seconds is enough to make you want to buy the album! Lemonade was only a Tidal exclusive for about 24 hours — it’s also on iTunes now — but Beyoncé is still making sure that music fans, or anybody wanting to be part of the cultural conversation, fork over their money for it, by making it ridiculously hard to download her album for free- so to all those cheapskates out there, you’ve been warned! But what made his album truly iconic was the amount of references used within each chapter. Every use of contextual art, vivid imagery and style choices redefines both of Bey’s inner/outer black beauty.

Behind the lyrics…


But it isn’t just the vivid imaginary that’s getting these ‘Beyhives’ buzzing. Beyonce supposedly speaks out about her husband, accusing Jay-Z of lying, cheating in their relationship. She mentions in her song: “A wicked way to treat a girl who loves you“You can taste dishonesty…it’s all over your breath”. And let’s not forget the most memorable lyrics: “you better call Becky with “the good hair”. This outraged a lot of Beyonce fans to the point where it became a ‘cyber witch-hunt’ overnight in search of this ‘Becky’ that has been allegedly creeping around with Jay-Z. Rumor has it, the mystery lady could have been American fashion designer, Rachael Roy as she and Jay-Z are meant to be really good friends. Could this be the reason Solange attacked Jay-Z in the lift in 2014?

But it doesn’t seem to add up. Would Jay-Z really let Beyonce expose him and this so called affair for the world to see? My guess… probably not. The power couple have been in the game far too long for them to slip up now. Women were made to think her relationship with her hubby were on the rocks in order to empathize women who’s experienced/experiencing problems with their significant other (Whilst cashing in those cheques!) . Wise up ladies! She’s known for being a queen for a reason. 

And if you haven’t watched the Lemonade, click here to check out the video. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Half-Term event in Watford Market!

For two whole days, we dedicated the market to all the kids in Watford for  free day of events. Throughout these two days, we had our amazing Balloon Modeller, Auntie Jo Jo who did a fantastic job creating all sorts of animals, superheros and more! And how could we forget about our equally amazing face painter, Edna from Blue & Orange Images who gave some of the trader quite a fright, turning children into terrifying tigers and super cool superheros!

We also had a FREE arts & crafts sessions for all kids to get artsy fartsy with their family! For those wanting to visit the food court upstairs, we had different selection of board games dotted around upstairs for your kids to have double the fun with friends and family.

Check out some of the pictures taken from last week:

2016-02-18 13.34.542016-02-18 13.25.08

2016-02-19 15.08.32

2016-02-18 13.38.08

2016-02-18 15.10.54

2016-02-18 13.43.422016-02-18 13.40.582016-02-18 15.09.072016-02-19 14.49.592016-02-19 14.58.012016-02-19 14.37.57



Two Restaurants, Twelve weeks And A Little Feast!

Introducing Market Yard Restaurants

Market yard will host two of London’s up and coming restaurants who are looking to make a big impact in the food industry. They will put together and short selection of menus, including some of their signature dishes to add to the street food experience.

Each restaurant will hand the kitchen over once they complete their fair share of six weeks in the yard. From 10th February- 20th March, we kick things off with our first host, Foley’s Tasting Kitchen, a unique restaurant focusing on modern world dishes that ties in with countries with a love for all spices. Head chef Mitzvora, will add his creative flare to his menu. This will include: ribeye cap steak with tator tots, whipped anchovy butter, grilled gem lettuce and homemade black olive mustard and spiced sweet potato fritter, grilled pineapple, jalapeni yoghurt & saffron coconut curry.

For more information, click here to check out Foley’s Tasting Kitchen’s Facebook page.



Serving up a delicious main course, our second restaurant Made of Dough, based in South-London’s hotspots, Brixton. Inspired by Campania & Andalusia, these two Italians lovers will serve nothing but the best homemade authentic Neapolitan Pizzas. Here’s a snippet of what these guys will be serving: Margherita pizza, served with San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, extra virgin olive oil & fresh basil. Chorizo Pizza that consist of fresh Brindisa chorizo & piquillo peppers on a margherita.

made of dough sbm

For more information, click here to check out Made Of Dough’s website.

Or follow them on Twitter @MadeOfDoughLDN

                                   Little Feast Is Returning To Shepherd’s Bush Yard!

little feast london 2


After the success of Little Feast’s brilliant interpretation of the Scandinavian forest last month, we welcome them back for the third time back into the Shepherd’s Bush Yard for another few months of foodie heaven! They’re back with newer recipes and even bigger selections of food stalls.

Little Feast will be back in May- August as their summer edition, and then back again for the Christmas period from November-December.

For more information, click here to check out their website.

Or follow them on Twitter @wefeastlondon