One-Piece Summer Craze!

As a summer baby, I thought I might share a few glamorous tips on how you can dress up/down this summer with versatile one-pieces! Now, you might be reading this post thinking: what’s so great about a one-piece?  Well, let me talk you through it. A one-piece (aka jumpsuits) is a great way to enhance your fashion identity and discover styles suitable for your shape. They’re both cute and light in material – plus you don’t have to go through the hassle of putting an outfit together as it’s already done for you! At this stage, it’s all about the accessorizing and how to make more your outfit.

Here’s two of my personal favorites: 

What I  particularly LOVE about this outfit is that it cost next to nothing and it’s down right gorge! It’s both practical and subtle in a sense that the dark print & design allows you to wear it for slightly less sunnier days ahead. The one-piece was from Primark’s summer collection 2014 (I know you wouldn’t think it was from there right!) Now with the sandals, I bought these bad boys from a local clothes shop in London as I’m all about supporting small businesses. So you can probably tell that I’ve decided to go for the Greek look as I find them super cute on most women and it’s easy to dress with. The accessories including the necklace and earrings was from Republic. The light-pink jacket was from Gillingham market, Kent as I’m a strong believer in supporting small businesses.

This second outfit I pieced together was inspired by Nothing Hill Carnival theme. I love the energy and flashy outfits the event brings every year. The exaggerated stripes and block colours reminds me of how Caribbean ladies dress (If you know, you know). This style works for any live events/festivals you might want to attend this summer. The entire outfit including snazzy accessories were all bought from an indoor market in South London, Croydon. It sounds hard to believe but you can find the best clothing and items in your everyday markets as they tend to have a different outlook to what’s trending in the fashion world. So the next time you pass a market, be sure to go exploring!

If you felt inspired and would like to know more fun tips on how you can dress for cheap or just experiment with one-pieces, be sure to check out! They have loads of women clothing that caters for every occasion. From sexy lingerie to beach wear !


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