Stella McCartney’s Collection 2016

The ever-so-stylish fashion designer, Stella McCartney has out done herself once more by perfectly executing the simple- yet-sophisticated fashion collection on this year’s runway! What I truly appreciate about Stella, not only as a designer, but as a woman is that her inspiration to creating the majority of her pieces displays elements of her personal memorabilia. Take for example her decision converting to a Vegetarian. Her love and respect for animals, means she refuses to use fur or leather in any of her work.

Her inspiration for this year’s Pre-fall collection is her love of cats, inspired by The Battersea Home Of Cats and  Dogs. As a cat-lover myself, it’s great knowing I can jazz up my wardrobe with insanely cute kittens without a care in the world! Another flawless design as part of her Winter collection is her unique interpretation on the classic puffer coats. It’s both versatile and practical for woman of all ages -perfect for undecided climate change countries also known as ‘British Weather’. As a South-Londoner,  puffer coats tend to have negative connotation floating around it, referring to the ‘troubled youth’ but Stella has made this look resemble a trench-coat with an attachment of a slimming black waist-belt, making this piece absolutely stunning!