My Royal Ascot Experience

20160614_122217[1]From a young age, I’ve always been addicted to horse-racing! My dad would make a day of it! He’ll make a quick trip down to our local fish and chip shop, before handing us the betting book where my siblings and I would use our pennies to bet on a horse that could win it this year (Little did I know that no year was my year as you’ll soon find out). 
As soon as the Grand Nationals starts to kick about, I’m already visualizing potential outfits that I could be wearing to strut along the race tracks. As a full-time girly girl, it’s safe to say the posh attire is probably one of the main reasons for keeping up the horse statistics and odds. In terms of making bets, that’s only half the fun in my opinion. I managed to lose a bet on every horse race that day- only because I’ve been cursed with having the worse luck in my family! But I still got through the day with a smile.
But anyway back to the dressing up part- I think as well where I’m a huge fan of fancy dress, this particular events fits me like a glove as it’s the one day of the year where you can live out your alter ego and not think twice about it. The air is polluted with nothing but snobbery and riches and you can’t help but to embrace it with such passion!
All and all, with all the amazement Ascot brings, I’ve decided to make it an annual trip and I strongly recommend you tag along to next year’s festivities with your nearest and dearest.

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