Queen Bey’s homemade Lemonade anyone?

Queen Bey is stronger than ever after releasing her visual Album, ‘Lemonade’ last Saturday 23rd April on HBO. The-12 track album features home videos of bey’s childhood; few cameos such as: Serena Williams and kid star, Quvenzhané Wallis. It also included variations of scenes embracing her black roots with added hidden facts about her husband.

Just listening to the first few seconds is enough to make you want to buy the album! Lemonade was only a Tidal exclusive for about 24 hours — it’s also on iTunes now — but Beyoncé is still making sure that music fans, or anybody wanting to be part of the cultural conversation, fork over their money for it, by making it ridiculously hard to download her album for free- so to all those cheapskates out there, you’ve been warned! But what made his album truly iconic was the amount of references used within each chapter. Every use of contextual art, vivid imagery and style choices redefines both of Bey’s inner/outer black beauty.

Behind the lyrics…


But it isn’t just the vivid imaginary that’s getting these ‘Beyhives’ buzzing. Beyonce supposedly speaks out about her husband, accusing Jay-Z of lying, cheating in their relationship. She mentions in her song: “A wicked way to treat a girl who loves you“You can taste dishonesty…it’s all over your breath”. And let’s not forget the most memorable lyrics: “you better call Becky with “the good hair”. This outraged a lot of Beyonce fans to the point where it became a ‘cyber witch-hunt’ overnight in search of this ‘Becky’ that has been allegedly creeping around with Jay-Z. Rumor has it, the mystery lady could have been American fashion designer, Rachael Roy as she and Jay-Z are meant to be really good friends. Could this be the reason Solange attacked Jay-Z in the lift in 2014?

But it doesn’t seem to add up. Would Jay-Z really let Beyonce expose him and this so called affair for the world to see? My guess… probably not. The power couple have been in the game far too long for them to slip up now. Women were made to think her relationship with her hubby were on the rocks in order to empathize women who’s experienced/experiencing problems with their significant other (Whilst cashing in those cheques!) . Wise up ladies! She’s known for being a queen for a reason. 

And if you haven’t watched the Lemonade, click here to check out the video. Enjoy and let me know what you think!



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