Sandra Bland case continues…

sandra-bland-funeralsandra b mugshot

Every time I’ve logged into any of my social network accounts, to this day civil rights activist, Sandra Bland is still relevant in the news- and so she should be! Police brutality hasn’t not improved one bit in America. You would think that after so many black lives lost due to sheer racism such as: Ferguson Unrest, society would have made a massive difference by creating positive resolutions, mainly for the African-American community. From what I can see, the government has acknowledged the situation; made one or two statements to the media about the problem, only to then go back to their lives.  This woman was blatantly innocent, tackled to the ground like some animal only to hear that this poor woman died in prison. This is beyond disgusting and needs to be addressed!

To all those people out there who might think it’s a cross between propaganda and ‘political correctness taken so seriously’. You’re dead wrong! #BlackLivesMatter and until society fully grasp the comprehension of that saying, it will be nothing more than just a continuation of injustices and discrimination for future generations to come.

What you do think about this story? How should it be dealt with?

Let me hear your thoughts!


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