#GeneralElection Will you be voting?

voting image 2 voting image

We waited long enough for this day. (I mean, the media wouldn’t stop banging on about it so it was pretty hard to forget). 

So What’s the big deal? – A question that has popped up countless of times either making general conversation among peers or on my Twitter Feed. For some people it’s seen as a ‘life-changer’ within modern day democracy.  The saying: ‘Every vote counts‘ is constantly repeated by every MP on every media platform known to man and that people who choose not to vote should be branded as ‘fools’ for lack of involvement. Whilst others admit that despite the country needing a change, the voting system is just another gimmick to get the hopes up of the public as the majority of issues are never dealt with in a way that pleases the people targeted at.

There was a time where I sit bang in the middle of both arguments. I didn’t know what to believe and how to go about it. With several MPs making a stand to what they believe would make the so-called ‘perfect world’ with all their constant campaigning through the internet, radio, TV, newspapers- it gets a bit overwhelming at times- but who said politics was straight-forward. I think nowadays most people are more open to the idea to voting. I mean if you were given the opportunity to make a difference on how we live, would you?

Nonetheless, the day is here and as of now, whether you vote or not, you’ll be making the difference.

Have you say on what you think about the #GeneralElection or the concept of voting.

images: Telegraph website


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