Ariana and Justin’s ‘Moment on Stage’ continues

Video’s and pictures from of the two Ariana Grande and superstar Justin Bieber hugging it out during Ariana’s Honeymoon tour in LA swept the whole of social media. So what’s the big deal?  He only gave her a hug right? Maybe to most people but not to fans. Most people are claiming that the singers shared something within those few seconds and it’s not just their passion for music. Fans took to twitter within a heartbeat by hashtagging: “#ReationshipGoals Ariana and Justin” and re-tweeting the most famous tweet sent to Justin saying: “This Kid is about to learn not to touch my girl like that Beliebe that”.  

According to TMZ , one twitter user who mission was to keep beef going by creating a fake twitter account of Big Sean and sending out threats to Justin Bieber (@justinBieber). Justin and Big Sean are good friends and his relationship with Ariana stronger than ever.

My take on this story 

Personally, I think from Bieber’s point of view I don’ think it was anything serious. I’m sure what he did up on stage was a publicity stunt to get the fans excited (Something he’s definitely not a stranger to (#NoShade). Also, the fact that Ariana didn’t rise to the twitter comments was clearly a smart move. She simply thanked her fans for incredible night in LA and that’s it. Now, I don’t know about Big Sean’s approach. Whether or not he tweeted that to Bieber, I mean I know sources have proven it was supposedly fake but who’s to say you should believe in everything to read up on. All I know is,  if I was a guy watching my girl perform I would still some type of way. #JustSaying 

What do YOU guys think?

For more info on this story click here 


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