Artist Of The Week: Somi


I promise I’m not going to bombard you with an essay for you to read, but I will say this, after watching #BeingMaryJane this particular song: ‘Ginger Me Slowly‘ has been running through my mind the moment I heard it! Talk about a serious case of the ear worm. But for once, I’m happy I’m addicted to this song. If you’re the type to like chilled-out music and the like of artists such as: Erykah Badu (@fatbellybella) and India Arie (@indiaarie) then you’ll love the beautiful and fabulous Somi (@somimusic)

Somi is an American singer and songwriter of Rwandan and Ugandan descent. She gets most of her inspiration from her cultural background and love for all things jazz.  Her sound and unique blend of African culture turned out to be a successful hit.  She calls this fusion of an African flavor into jazz as “New African Jazz”.

And with that being said, I will leave you with a quote from the artist herself:

“Some people see me as an African artist and not jazz, while others see me as a jazz artist influenced by Africa. But I’m not focused on genre. My intent is to be honest with the songs and where they take me.” – Somi

Here’s one of most recent songs ‘Ginger me slowly: (Warning! This song is most definitely addictive…you’ve been warned) 


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