#TheDress posts continue…

Okay, So stepping outside of work only to find about hundred of tweets talking about this one dress. At first, I thought they were referring to Lupita nyong’o dress that she wore to the Oscars.  It was reported earlier that that particular dress was stolen from her hotel. The Calvin Klein dress desgined by the one and only francisco costa  (@costafrancisco) was made out with 6,000 pearls in total cost a whooping £97k! click here for more info

But no, I see this not-so-pretty dress appearing in front of my eyes with the exact same option as to whether #TheDress was black and blue or white and gold. According to science experts from BBC news, it was said that: “the brain has evolved not to see absolutes, but to see the difference between things.” Because colours that appear in sunlight look different from those that appear under streetlights.” Personally I don’t care it’s a dress…that people have claimed to spot different colours…so what. I would never have thought it would have made global news. I mean, for goodness sake it made headlines as if the war in third-world countries aren’t important! Internet please find some good stuff to trend about next time.

In the meantime, lets give thanks to the people out there who took a couple of minutes of their time to create such unforgettable memes. Thanks right! The moment #TheDress went viral, so did the memes. Here’s some of the most popular ones trending all over social media:




50 shades meme

Let me know what you guys thing about #TheDress  


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