Ludacris has finally ‘Tied the knot’!


It’s official, Rapper Ludacris finally got married with longtime girlfriend Eudoxie who couldn’t wait to hear wedding bells! (And who can blame her!) According to TMZ, it was said that Ludacris proposed to Eudoxie during the holidays (allegedly on Christmas day). Once she said yes, the rapper then made the arrangements for the couple to get married on the spot (seriously). Ludacris’s mother picked out the dress for the beautiful bride and just like that the couple had their very own fairy-tale wedding, without any disturbances or stress from the paparazzi mob. A few friends and family members were able to attend the wedding. Which all said: ‘Small but lovely’. 

The rapper recently decided to take to the social media and announcing the big news. He then posted on twitter:

It was said that the couple then spent their honeymoon in Costa Rica. Aww I wish the newly wed all the best! 


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