#QuestionTime debate continues…

Forgive me if I’ve misinterpreted this imaginative cartoon  but, wasn’t this the first question to be discussed. Whether politicians and their level of pettiness. This is why watching these sort of debates frustrate me. We have people from all occupations on the panel that shares one thing in common- projecting their view on what would make ‘the ideal Britain’. However, once all these questions are answered; the bickering has ended. As part of the general public, I can’t help but feel as if I’ve achieved/learned anything.  Today’s topics were nothing new.  Immigration, The Private sector teaming up with the NHS, employment rights etc. I’ve heard it all. The majority of young people living in Britain nowadays don’t care about what happens to this economy, let alone the impact it will have on future generations. Why is that? A question I’d like Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage)  to answer since his only main focus is about ‘ the type of people to enters a country allegedly has an open Immigration system’.  Russell Brand (@rustyrockets)  played an amazing part on the panel. By being his out-spoken self, his expressed his views on how the governments structure is badly flawed and they (MPs) are wrongfully taking it out on the working class and Immigrants. Also kindly reminding us that the upper-class do have an important role in improving this society.

If I was in the audience tonight, my question to all Politicians would be: What is the chances of seeing these changes? Bearing in mind, Immigration is still a major issue since 2008. I’ll just pretend it was phrased as a rhetorical question shall I?

General elections are approaching fast. I would like to see a party that could stand on their own two feet and tackle these problems head on instead of blaming the other party.

If you have any opinions you’ll like to share feel free. The more controversial, the better!


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