Beyonce’s new video: 7/11

Okay, so this have literally been to talk of the R&B town. I got to say despite what some of the die hard fans are saying about the video. I actually quite like it! I’d admit it’s not the best song I’ve heard from the singer but it’s meant to be a fun, engaging silly video not to be taken seriously. I’ve read a few comments on YouTube stating that this song doesn’t do any justice to her singing career like it doesn’t show her potential. Erm, hello she’s already made herself a name so at this point, she could do whatever won’t be affecting her income. Either way, if this song came on in the club, I’d be getting #TurntUp like no one’s business. Shoulder sideways, smack it, smack it, in the air! It’s so catchy. 

Can’t wait to hear the rest of her Platinum Edition. Now available on itunes guys, click here to check it out! 

What do you think about the video? K x


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