Aaliyah Biopic movie: Was it really up to par?

aaliyah pic Okay, so as we know there was a huge commotion about the release of this movie. It aired last weekend on lifetime TV with the help of #WendyWilliams (@WendyWilliams)  as their executive producer. Now, I’m sorry but I think the whole world can agree with me when I say…What the fxck was that?! For those who still haven’t found time to watch please don’t bother, as you’ll only be wasting an hour and 27 mins of your time. I don’t even know where to start when it comes to pointing out the flaws. Poor Aaliyah must of rolled over in her grave…TWICE! You’re probably wondering, Aaliyah has been dead for more than 10 years now, so why are we only seeing the movie being released this year? I’ll tell you why…money of course! Aaliyah’s family had several opportunities to make this movie after the passing of Aaliyah but they remained civilized by not wanting to exploit her daughter’s fame, fortune. (Which to be fair, isn’t a bad choice) but after years of producers begging them ,they eventually gave in but had very strict rules as not to include any of Aaliyah’s songs. YES you did read it correctly (fault no.1) So tell me, how could you produce a song without some of her no.1 singles from some of her best-selling album. It’s beyond me. Aaliyah was so creative and always be remembered for her unique dress sense and of course our ‘R&B princess’. Unfortunately, Wendy thought otherwise. She thought the movie should have a spin on it by making the movie all about R.Kelly and Aaliyah secret relationship instead of you know, focusing on her music and other life experiences. Anyways because I’m so passionate about expressing my hatred for the creation of this movie.

I decided not to type up an entire essay so instead I shall upload a podcast on most of the faults in this movie. Have a listen!

(PLEASE NOTE: This audio clip last for about 7 minutes. So I do apologize if the audio repeats itself lol)

The memes AND twitter wars continue…

So it’s been more than 24 hours since the release on this movie and still everyone is dissing Miss Williams on her not-so-good attempt of being a producer.  Just have a read at some of these tweets:

“Basically disrespected Aaliyah‘s legacy and then bragged about the ratings she got. That movie doesn’t represent Aaliyah”.

RT : wanted to be messy about aaliyah life she should have of respect her family wishes and left it a lone>

It’s colder than ‘ heart choosing ratings over making a quality film & showing respect to Aaliyah‘s family & friends.

And don’t get me started on the meme’s Timbland aka Timbo was going insta crazy with posting videos of himself advising them “not to show this bullshxt”

Check out some of the most popular meme’s that were trending all over social media last night:

ll cool jLifetimebelike-memes-10-700x810monday meme's mondaybrandy meme aaliyahaaliyah1aaliyah meme 1

 click here to view more meme’s or follow Timbaland on instagram for more updates

If you seen this so called movie? Let me know what you thought of it. Or as I’ve mentioned before if you still haven’t seen it and for whatever reason you’re still dying to here’s the link below to watch it.



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