Baby Blue, Daddy Jay and Mummy Bey parading around Beverly Hills

bey, jay and blue ivy

Fans from all around stopped in their tracks just to get a glimpse of the most hottest celeb family there is! Rapper, Jay-Z and Bey decided to take their precious daughter Blue Ivy shopping and judging by her dress sense, she proved herself to the world she’s not only a diva and a little fashionista as well. Black leather jacket with a cute dress to match and to top it off, her little bun makes her looks adorable!

Blue Ivy’s NEW look VS OLD look

blue-ivy-ballerina-bun-ffn-leadblue ivy har

And you know what I’m about to say next, but finally they did the little girls hair! Not to say I didn’t appreciate the unique Afro look, but It’s safe to say that she looks way cuter when her parents introduced her to the comb. #NoShade.  Now, let me point out, I don’t agree with putting chemicals in young black girls hair just to fit in with society but having your daughter being in the pubic eye, you know there’s already pressure on the way you to dress and act. The singer wrote a song ‘I am not my Hair’ in 2006 about women empowerment, expressing it through their mind, body and soul. Soul singer India Arie, (@indiaaire) wrote a letter to those mean enough to criticizes Blue Ivy’s Hair. “Why does anyone get the idea that its ok to make fun of a child?
 In public no less? This celebrity culture that hypnotizes people into thinking a person is LITERALLY NOT REAL…Blue Ivy — is a CHILD. And ANYONE thinking to themselves right now: “But she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth so what does it matter what I say” — Denying ANY PERSON their humanity, is a GAME we should ALL stop playing. (click here to read the full letter)  Personally, I believe this was a publicity stunt pulled by mama diva herself, Beyonce to shut ‘The haters’ up about how Blue Ivy’s hair looks and you know what it worked so hats off to the three of you! Click here to read up on some of the comments trending about Blue Ivy’s hair


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