WIRED 2014

I was chosen from Go Think Big (@GoThinkBig) to work alongside Telefonica (@Telefonica), one of Europe’s biggest selling companies to report at Wired 2014!

Exploring my creative side with CNC bot, piccolo

Exploring my creative side with CNC bot, piccoloWIRED 4

Who/What is Wired?

Wired is a community is a fascinating group of people and our events reflect that. They offer incredible networking opportunities – as well as optimism and powerful ideas, making them exciting occasions that inspire thousands! They also specialise in other sectors such as: WIREDhealth, WIREDMoney and from their top selling WIREDmagazine. So if you think you have to be into technology and scientific gadgets- you can think again!

Expectation Vs Reality – (The Telefonica experience)

Telefonica is a telecommunications, internet and financial services provider. Some of you might recognise them working alongside, 02 and other well-known brands such as: Vivo and Movistar. They help set up some of the biggest financial and telesales events around London, to ensure their customers get the best out of their product. So far, Telefonica continues to make remarkable amount of sales and recognition being Present in 24 countries and an average of 120,000 professionals. Their saying: “we believe that everyone should have at their disposal the possibilities offered by technology. This, we can all live better, do more things, be more”. I couldn’t agree more!

At this year’s event, we had never before seen technology out on display. It was literally like the gadget show meant Star trek or something! The Honda robot made his annual appearance and Telefonica had some unique inventions and mini restaurant known as ‘Bullipedia’. According to their website, their intention is to introduce a blend of different food creations designed to map all foods and their ingredients. It aims to organise in a clear, ordered and precise way all culinary knowledge”. So I thought I’ll ask around to see what people made of the unique taste of Bullipedia (@bullipedia) . Natasha, 33 said: “The food here was amazing! It’s definitely something I’ll be considering to make at home for now on.” James, 28 said: “Beef and horseradish mousse?! Just the thought of that mix is enough to make your stomach turn. But it was surprisingly nice! Now, I just need the recipe.”

Fortune tellers, picture takers & more!  

Ever wondered what serious condition your skin was in? Well, look no further as we had science specialist team, Skin Analytics carry out all the research through their clever photography. They explained that the majority of people don’t know that they have damaged skin. Whether your skin is dehydrated; or has a minor skin allergy or even too much vitamin D.  The pictures they take pick up the heat radiation to detect any damaged made and the level of damage.

Take a look at my skin Analytics result as I bravely smile for a camera!

 With technology constantly updating itself, this gives the opportunity for any egghead to test out their latest models. Whether that’s experimenting with sense of touch; operating tiny bots but in this case coming face-to-face with what could be a talking robot? The Telefonica team managed to come up with this trendy tent set up known as the ‘TokBox’. It’s where you would speak to someone through an iPad, being supported by a poll, getting your readings done by a ‘mystical fortune teller’. What I generally like about this set up is that it’s almost foreshadowing what could be a possible invention in the near future. The fact that technology is involving at such a rapid speed, I wouldn’t be surprised if human-like robot hit the high streets in 2020.

Have a listen to my experience attending #Wired2014!


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