What makes Ellen Degeneres look so young? – Secrets Revealed!

Ellen Degeneres posing for Cover girl ad in 2009

Ellen Degeneres posing for Cover girl ad in 2009

We all know and love Ellen Degeneres who never fails to make her audience laugh, cry, smile… the lot! But when most celebrities reach the-age of-wrinkly-skin  they put at least 30% ( who am I kidding 100%) of their time into staying young at all costs! After all, the media can be quite harsh when it comes to photographers taking bad pics of celebs. I mean, just look at Keith Richards for instance!

Anyways back to my story… So for those who don’t know, Ellen has a written contract with Cover Girl, meaning she must endorse their range of “simply Ageless” products at all times and of course, has the luxury treatment of using as much of their product possible.  Well, rumor has it their line of anti-ageing make-up proved to be faulty as they didn’t work for poor Ellen. Luckily, there was one bright spark that managed to fix a solution for women that might be going through the same problem. 58-year-old Emily Davis from Valley came up with this little idea that will help ladies start seeing results in no time. With the help of the two popular products on the market: Lumagenex and Age Renew Skin Care.  Because of these two skin care products, this helped put faith back into the majority of anti-ageing products and help make women feel beautiful again. This not only decreased the amount of ladies thinking to go under-the-knife, but so successful that the two-product trick was featured on The Doctor Oz Show!

Click here for more information on this incredible story!


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