Victoria Beckham shares her wardrobe for charity


Victoria Beckham has announced that she’ll be selling some her most price possessions from her wardrobe in order to help give back to charity as known as Mothers2mothers. In association with The Outnet – and with the support of Christie’s, which valued the items – the sale will take place from 20- 25th August, if the pieces last that long. How thoughtful. After-all, the celeb does own her own fashion lines and is partnership with some of Britain’s most prestigious fashion lines, so we know none of her previous designs won’t disappoint.

Victoria mentioned in a press interview: “I laughed a lot when we were going through my wardrobe as the pieces hold so many happy memories for me, David and the children,” Beckham said. “A lot of the clothes have been specially designed for me by the most talented designers and I’ve loved wearing them, however I now feel it’s someone else’s turn to enjoy them”.

click here to view some of Victoria Beckham’s current clothing line



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