Co-hosting The Saturday show with Tom C!

 Co-hosting The Saturday show with Tom C! 

croydon-radio backgroundcroydon radio

click here to listen back to the show!

I decided to jump on-air with the amazing DJ/presenter Tom C at Croydon radio. This was a one-off presenting on Croydon radio, so I wasn’t going to let the listeners down. The show is literally based on celeb gossip, random news and just a lot of fun with of course a few mistakes (mainly from my end ha-ha) in between just how a radio show should be! With an another special guest Pauline George, an upcoming author for her new book: ‘Jess’, a debut Lesbian romance novel. 

and for those who still haven’t watched my documentary, first of all let me be the first to say (shame on you!) but if you would like to watch it, I’ll be more than happy to attach a link for you click here to watch my super-awesome documentary called: ‘All Things Radio’. Obviously, I wasn’t being that creative with the name but it’s straight to the point! Clearly based on everything to do with radio but most importantly young people. It offers tips and guides from different local radio stations on how you can strive in the radio industry.



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