Guys who LOVE ‘My little Pony’ known as ‘Bronies’


Bronies. These are actually real people, grown guys who not only sit around the TV, watching the whole entire series of the cartoon girly classic ‘My Little Pony‘. They create routines that involve attending events similar to comic con but referred to as bronycon. They take the time to try to remember each pony’s name but actually love dressing up in the costume and making videos dedicated to their favorite pony only to share it with ‘My little pony’ fans online. #WhatGuysLike? 


According to MSN news, they believed that: “the majority of the Bronie population are believed to live in the US but the mystical horse cartoon has gained a wide following in Europe with 1,200 of the worldwide population of brothers who love ponies attending the last European gathering in Manchester”. I don’t know about you, but that’s sounds a bit creepy but who am I to judge what grown men can/can’t like. Some of the pictures look strangely cute.

Any men out there reading this, what do you think? should they go in hiding? or better yet, are you a Bronie? K x


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