Cannes Festival 2014

Calling all fashionistas!  It’s that time again where we become fashion critics as we take a closer look at the celebs choice of outfits whether it’s a stunning piece of work or just a straight up fashion crime. I decided to pick three iconic dresses that for me spoke louder than words on the red carpet.

Outfit number one: Amber Heard 


So Amber heard, Johnny Depp’s fiancee, made an huge entrance with her unique two-piece outfit. I actually like this their two condescending pieces of clothing the white crop top against the harsh red lipstick works wonders on a women. Also, I love what she did with her hair slightly curved and down on one side; with the simple stylish dress and with the white top it creates that balance, nothing too flashy and patterned or else it would probably ruin the look.  It’s a nice combination of dressy and causal. Thumbs up from me Amber!

Outfit number two: Blake Lively


Blake Lively eye-catching pale blue Chanel number, with more frills and frou-frou than is really decent, was paired with seemingly effortless hair and make-up. I’m not sure if I’m truly loving this dress. I, mean Blake is doing an amazing job rocking the natural make-up and the hair. I think the material on the dress is probably making me think twice. For me, it’s a bit too daring and slightly unusual. Nevertheless, it’s very flattering on the top half of the body it shows her amazing figure. Looking past my personal preferences, I’ll give her a thumbs up. 

Outfit number three: Cate Blanchett 


So Cate Blanchett has clearly went for your unconventional look on the red carpet, by not only wearing a two-piece outfit but rocking what it seems to be a a very smart, formal block-colored design. Now, some of you might not like me after reading this, but I actually don’t like it. I think respect her for something different but at the same time, when walking down the red carpet people want to see celeb females looking like they’re about to enter a ball, to a business meeting. Also, the top she’s wearing doesn’t do her any justice as a women we take pride in our curves, however this straight shooter of a top just makes her look all box-shaped. It’s a shame because I think the colors she chose are simplistic yet in-your-face all at the same time. Sadly, I’ll have to give you a thumbs down Cate. On the plus side, Ii’ll also give you a thumbs up for effort.

What do think about these dresses? thumbs up? or thumbs down? K x

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Source: Metro Online


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