Is Facebook destroying young girls way of thinking?



Sources from leading UK and US experts have said teenage girls who spend too much time on Facebook are more likely to suffer from depression and could potentially damage their self-esteem. They say young girls have a tendency to make comparisons with other girls profile pictures and by doing so, could lead them to a path of developing a eating disorder. Dr Petya  Ecler, from the University of Strathclyde said: While time spent on Facebook had no relation to eating disorders, it did however predict that worst body image among many young teenage girls.

What is triggering young girls form acting on such a way?

Apparently, cyber events that happen all over social networks like ‘No make-up day’. ‘no pants day’  have a major affect on young girls. Although, the ‘no make-up campaign’ was for cancer awareness, some people used that as a way to cyber bully teenagers over their appearances. On top of that, Facebook uses the power of advertising that could again destroy teenage girls confidence. A survey was carried out and up to 850 college student were asked about dieting and exercising. by displaying Experts say that social media may in fact do more harm to young girls’ self-esteem than the traditional media companies through the works of: TV, magazine etc.



Source: Metro


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