Fashion Alert! Kesha hits red carpet after rehab

Kesha-2014-Insert-340x453kesha pic


I got to say I’m actually loving Kesha’s new look. I love how the Michael Costello gown, falls on her and I think it definitely suits her body and shape. The only thing that let’s her down is her hair, it’s like she attempted to style it and then gave up half way, adding a random green coloring on the sides. Fashion Police’s Joan Rivers, asked the question most of you are probably wondering that about now, ‘Where’s her nipples?’ Joan made a funny statement saying: ‘Where are her nipples? they’ve got missing like the Malaysian airline but thank god we know where her black box is’.  Very bizarre but it’s the world of fashion for you or magic whichever way you want to look at it.  Back to Kesha, I do like this look because it’s not the everyday look, we’re used to seeing her everyday ‘dirty/grudge look that suits her really well but seeing her look elegant and sophisticated does work wonders on a women.

What do you think? Fashion savior? or Fashion Disaster?



Source: E! Online


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