Fashion Alert! Rihanna’s dress sense yay? or Nay?

Rihanna-wearing-sheer-skirt-leaving-giorgio-baldi-287x430Rihanna flashes a peek after a dinner at Giorgio Baldi

Rihanna was seen dining at dinner in Santa Monica on Thursday night wearing an uncharacteristically girlie outfit. Her outfit was supposedly  inspired by fashion designer, Simone Rocha as Ri-Ri dazzled the paparazzi with her all-white unique get up. She wore a white crop top, some comfy trainers so compliment the outfit but what really stood out was of course her white lace sheer skirt with her bright pink knickers on display. Now, reading that back to myself, that doesn’t at all sound surprising. Rihanna wasn’t always known for covering up in public. If anything, It would be very unconventional of the singer. 


Within minutes, this picture has been blowing up all over social media and of course, the cast from E! Fashion Police had there share on the R&B singer’s risky ensemble. Joan Rivers, actually gave her the thumbs up for pulling such a brave move (shocking right!). She playfully mocked Ri-Ri: *singing* “I see London, I see France who knew Rihanna even owned underpants!” but then followed up by saying: “I think for Rihanna, the outfit is adorable but for a real person I’m not so sure”. Fashionista, Kelly Osborne said: On anyone else you would think they look slutty, weird but for Rihanna it creates that sweetness to her naughty side”.

What do you think? Is it a thumbs up? or Is it a straight up thumbs down?



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