Beauty is only skin deep. Or is it?


ANASTACIA at 2014 Pre-Grammy Gala in Beverly Hills

Pop singer, Anastacia claims to feel ‘more feminine’ as she bravely went through her double mastectomy to defeat cancer for a second time.  The 45-year-old diva has said to be feeling ‘better than ever and ready to take on the world’. She spoke to Metro: it was more than just a double mastectomy. In order to have a complete surgery to make me feel like a woman. It was said that the singer had her lats (latissimus dorsi musicles) removed and put them on top of my breasts. She starts to embrace her scars and mentioning about the experience has led to major break-through for her music career. She ended up writing a song called ‘Broken Wings’.

But she couldn’t do it alone? Anastacia was empowered by none-other than A-Lister Angeline Jolie , 38 for raising awareness of breast cancer. It was revealed that both stars went through with the operation around the same time. Now, the singer has got her strength and motivation back, she’s ready to share her music with the world once more.


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