Facebook buys UK solar-powered drone to expand internet

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Facebook has bought a Somerset-based designer of solar-powered drones for $20m (£12m) as it goes head-to-head with Google in a high-altitude race to connect the world’s most remote locations to the internet. Sounds insane right? well, that my friend is the almighty power of social media. Selfies, random pop-up adds and those annoying game requests simply didn’t meet Mark Zuckerberg standards. Facebook’s chief executive, has unveiled plans to beam broadband connections from the skies, using satellites, lasers and unmanned high-altitude aircraft designed by the well-known British engineer Andrew Cox so the internet can be accessible more than ever anywhere you go. Can’t say I don’t like this guys way of thinking? Not only is the solar-powered concept plausible but it’s also cost-effective. Zuckerburg mentioned: “Solar-powered craft are a lot cheaper because you don’t have to launch them into space. They are also much easier to maintain. Satellites stay in orbit until they stop working, but these craft can be brought back down and repaired if anything goes wrong.”

But what does Google have that Facebook doesn’t? (apart from the cool animation made up of the Google Icon)

Google has launched a campaign known as ‘Google Loon’ back in June 2013. It’s based on high-altitude balloons over New Zealand and hopes to establish a vast amount of internet access (with no interruptions) right around the 40th parallel of the Earth’s southern hemisphere.

For more information about Google Loon click here

For more information about Facebook’s method of improving the internet click here


Source: The Guardian




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