Twitter being ‘Banned’ in Turkey


Many social media users in Turkey has been desperately trying to log on to but came out unsuccessful as it’s been reported to be ‘blocked’. About 10 million Turkish ‘twitterers’ have tried and failed. Once clicking on the site, you are automatically redirected to the Turkey’s telecommunications regulator. Sources have shown that it cites a court order to apply “protection measures” on the website and that no ones knows just how long the banning of the site will last.

But just what were Turkey’s intentions of blocking Twitter? 

This comes after PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to “wipe out Twitter” following damaging allegations of corruption in his inner circle. He believes that many Turkish people have been ‘discrediting his legacy’ by posting negative things about the PM. He stated: “I don’t care what the international community says at all. Everyone will see the power of the Turkish Republic,” Mr Erdogan said earlier on Thursday.

Source: BBC news


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