A ‘brighter side’ To Britain


It’s been a rather treacherous few weeks of nothing but heavy rain, quickly followed by a blustery storm. Nearly 8cm of rain fell in just a day in different parts of the UK. From Northern Ireland, east and south-east England, London and north-west Scotland were told to ‘brace themselves for the weather ahead’. This has been known to be ‘one of Britain’s most wettest winters’ of all time. The weather had a habit of escalating rather quickly so most weather forecasts were reported before -hand, sending out a few yellow and red signals, warning people living in the most rural parts of England to ‘stay indoors at all costs’.

Let me be the one to ‘shed some light’ on his topic (no pun intended). We can finally put that behind us as the weather has shown signs of clearing up this month. The heavy rain was indeed replaced by the warm-welcoming rays of sunshine which has been said to be expected to stay with us for the next couple of days. But don’t celebrate just yet, it’s been said that slight showers with follow midday. Now, I know I’m no ‘Carol Kirkwood’, but there’s no harm in trying! Nothing like a bit of positive weather to put you in a better mood.



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