Angelic Ellie Goulding might have a ‘darker side’


British singer, Ellie Goulding has silenced all the negative comments coming from various critics about her choice of music and songs. Comments have been flying all around twitter, moaning about how the singer comes across as ‘dull’ after insisting not to reveal any ‘dirty secrets’ to the press. She has however, dropped a few hints to Mcfly’s Dougie Poynter, that ‘she’s up to no good behind closed doors’.

The 27-year-old also mentioned that her last album was totally ransacked of ‘sob stories’ to do with her past relationships and her cruel break-ups. She made a comment about music nowadays saying: “I wish people would celebrate music a bit more and appreciate how f****** cool British music is at the moment”. I can’t say I don’t blame her.  The majority of stars believe that a bit of juicy gossip or a flash of cleavage will get them ‘topping the music charts’.

Do you think she’s right for staying quite? Or would it hurt to share a bit of gossip every now and again?

Let me know what you think? K x

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