Fashion idol of the week: Betty Adewole, model

Star of this week’s fashion idol  is none other than Miss Adewole, 21 from Thamesmead in South-east London.

betty a  betty a 2

She’s been travelling around to the largest cities known to model for the biggest name brands in the fashion industry. Such as: Tom ford, Vogue, including the legendary fashion clothesline of Alexander McQueen! She said: “I grew up on a council estate; now I’ve been in vogue”. But life as a model wasn’t always her goal. This daring  and successful young woman exchanged her trainers for heels in order to model for one of the world’s biggest name brands of all time. At the young age of 17, Betty Adewole was head strong and adamant about becoming a professional athlete and was  to be entered in the London 2012 Olympics. She was Persistent and was full focused when it came to her her training, achieving national level for long jump; Betty was sure this was what she was cut out for.  That was until she was spotted out of the blue by a an agent shopping in Convent Garden. Personally, judging by her slim built and glamorous facial features, it was no surprise that she was chosen as to try out for the modelling business. And just like that, Adewole made that all important decision to drop sport completely and create a new chapter of her modelling career.

But what have they got installed for this newly- made model? She admitted: “When I started modelling, I never used to pick up a glossy magazine before and worse of all, I didn’t know how to dress-all I wore was tracksuits and bottoms”. Which, I suppose is understandable still coming to terms with the transition of sport wear and fashion garments. But surely, the photo shoots must of been a better outcome? She said: I felt so awkward in front f the camera and spent my first photo shoot thinking: ‘Oh God, what am I doing?’ Thankfully, I’m a lot more comfortable in my skin now.  Adewole described herself as a ‘tomboy’ because she wasn’t a huge fan about wearing make-up either. She would wear the occasional mascara and concealer if she needed to. Which again I think is pretty reasonable because as a woman, I believe sometimes it’s good to take a timeout from the ‘glits and glamour’ and not always love up to society and media’s expectations. 

With upcoming tours, events and catwalks, Betty Adewole has definitely found her feet along the runway and even front covers of magazines! she spoke about popping into WH smith and saw she was standing next to famous British model, Kate moss. As she recalls she was ‘stood there so long the manager asked if I was OK’.  She does however mentions that it can be lonely on tours and that there is some amount of stress that comes with it, but doesn’t every job?  She manages by maintaining her steady dieting; balancing her social and family life and still make just enough room for her ‘me’ time for when she’s not out ‘strutting her stuff’. Let’s hope for a prosperous and brighter future for Betty! This story was originally from stylist magazine.

For more information about Betty Adewole, click here 


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