NYR Expectation: ‘New year. New me’ Reality: ‘yeah never heard that one before’

Happy new year to one and all! broken your New Years Resolution (NYR) already? hahaha yeah me too.  Honestly,  one minute screaming ’HAPPY NEW YEAR?’ with a bit of the bubbly in our systems and then within a blink of an eye, it’s all over and were back to living our lives and glued to the TV with the hope of actually making a difference with our lifestyles.

Seriously, How many of us tend to wait a whole year in order to turn your life around or maybe set little tasks for yourself that you know you won’t fulfill? (I do!) I’m guessing most of the population. But don’t get me wrong it’s good to set goals, we all have a purpose in life some even greater than others that need a heavy push in the right direction. The main question is ‘why?’ When I went round asking people on their opinion with NYR, my answers sounded a lot like: ‘it’s in progress’, ‘made a start, so far so good’ or ‘doesn’t fit with my schedule with work’ oh! and my favorite one: ‘I’m working on it’ in other words: ‘I can’t be asked, so let me make an excuse’ can’t say I haven’t done that myself. (Well, it’s true! I’m only human ya know!)

In the end of the day, I suppose it’s just tradition that leaving a year with a BANG and so we make space for the new year so its just ideal we make ‘a personal to-do list’ to improve are physique or just ourselves as an individual. All I know is, for those ‘super humans’ out there: what’s your secret? what motivates you everyday? Get in touch! I want to hear what your biggest promise to yourself for this year is!


One thought on “NYR Expectation: ‘New year. New me’ Reality: ‘yeah never heard that one before’

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