Perfume ads getting a little 'too sexual'?

Perfume ads getting a little ‘too sexual’? 

Keira Knightley is banned from kids’ TV 

BBC news investigates the world of advertising by pointing out that certain perfume ads just take it a step too far with promoting their brand. Keira Knightley, modelling for the ‘Coco Chanel’ ad has been banned from kids’ TV since it’s been known to be ‘too sexual’ by the amount of explicit scenes shown too early in the day. (Click here to read more about the article) Most people would argue that it focuses on the model/actor or actress chosen to sell their product because as we all know, ‘sex sells’ but is that any excuse to see less spraying and more flesh-revealing images? For some, it’s only a ‘a harmful ad’ whilst the majority of viewers with kids could argue that it’s unnecessary and distasteful especially viewing before the watershed hour.

Let me know what you think should it banned? or is it just entertainment at it’s best? you tell me! leave a comment below. 



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